"On the record or off?"

Tim Rosaforte takes a tough look at the state of all things FedEx Cup, and suggests a few reasons for Phil's apathy and an exchange with Tiger Woods that will send shivers down Tim Finchem's spine.

Phil's not a big plan of the deferred payment plan. Read between the lines in his quote about wishing there were a big pile of money brought out on the 18th green like the World Series of Poker.

He's also the man who wanted a shorter season. Well, he got one: Shorter, but compressed into two grueling months of high stakes, high pressure and highly taxing tournament golf.

He's also about 0-for-20 in taking issues to the front office, and getting no satisfaction. Some would call this a pout, others a power play, but I can't imagine Lou Piniella saying he couldn't manage the Cubs this week because his kids were going back to school.

Ouch. A rare zinger from Mr. Rosaforte. Nice!


I caught Tiger at his locker after Wednesday's news conference and asked -- after he discussed the problems with playing seven-of-eight after the majors and the deferred payment issue -- if this was fixable.


Let's just say, Tim Finchem and his staff have some work to do.