FedEx Cup Points Tweaks Receive...Reviews

I've searched but could only find two stories detailing the FedEx Cup point system changes announced Tuesday. Stan Awtrey talks to Tour Championship director Todd Rhinehart and writes in the AJC:

The two changes should make it easier for players to move up in the playoff standings and increase the number of players with a chance to win the FedEx Cup. Had the alterations been in place in 2007, The Tour Championship would have started with 12 players having a chance to win it all, twice the actual number. And six players would have had a realistic chance to win.

"This is what we wanted," Rhinehart said. "If you can win it when everything is on the line, you deserve it. It makes it more exciting."

So in other words, that wasn't possible last year! We were duped!

Somehow I don't think it's going to get any more playoff-like under the new points system.

Steve Elling offers this
Had the tweaks been on the books last year, the number of players who had a mathematic chance of winning the $10 million bonus at the series-ending Tour Championship in Atlanta would have increased from six to 12.

"It's the Rich Beem story," Finchem said, citing a player who was so far back in the regular-season points, he had little chance of advancing despite some solid postseason play. "Players felt you ought to be able to move more aggressively. And when we get to Atlanta, we should have more players in the hunt, which is what players and fans were interested in.

"It does shift the balance a touch, but it was really done to get that guy who was hot to get further through the playoffs."

But he still has no chance of winning the whole thing at East Lake, and therein will always lie the problem.