Golfweek Swears It Had Nothing To Do With Latest Controversial Cover

15339828_240X180.jpgBut maybe we know where Dave Seanor has landed after his noose cover...?

Courtesy of reader LPGA Fan, here's the story from Denver's Channel 7 News:

An illustration that accompanied an article celebrating the success of Mexican golf star Lorena Ochoa is stirring some heated feelings.

The image in the current edition of Colorado AvidGolfer Magazine features the Our Lady of Guadalupe image with Ochoa's face in place of the Virgin Mary's.

"It’s very offensive," said Ricardo Bracho, who subscribes to the magazine.

In a statement, the editor for the magazine said the intent was to promote an accomplished golfer, not to offend anyone.

The Patron Saint of Mexico is deeply important and respected by many Mexicans and Catholics. The Our Lady of Guadalupe image is held as a sacred, religious symbol.

Obviously Mr. Bracho does understand how popular Lorena is these days. S

Bracho believes the artist and editor for the article entitled "Our Lady of Guadalajara" stepped over a sensitive line.

"I don't want anyone fired," Bracho said, adding he is a big fan of golf and Ochoa's. "People need to be aware and some things are just off limits."

Father Jorge De los Santos of the Archdiocese of Denver agreed.

"I was so hurt when I saw that image," De los Santos told 7NEWS Monday.


"I think the freedom (of the press) has a limit. You should respect others and respect beliefs," said De los Santos, who is Vicar for Hispanic Ministry.

Editor Jon Rizzi e-mailed this statement to 7NEWS:

"Colorado AvidGolfer deeply regrets offending anyone with the illustration that accompanied our feature on Lorena Ochoa. Because the piece was so overwhelmingly positive, praising Ms. Ochoa's accomplishments and painting a glowing portrait of her as both a golfer and an inspiring humanitarian, we created a clearly iconic image for our illustration. We respect the opinions of those who objected to the image and apologize if it offended them, but we certainly did not intend to show disrespect to anyone."

A public relations representative told 7NEWS Monday Ochoa had not seen the image or article and could not comment.

I don't think she wants to see it either, unless she wants to see what she'll look like 40 years and 40 pounds later.