Membership Has Its Privileges...

The big news for USGA members is posted at

Far Hills, N.J. – The United States Golf Association is pleased to announce a new partnership with the ESPN Golf Schools, presented by American Express, that will offer special rates and benefits to USGA Members.
What, no room for Lexus, RBS and IBM in there, too?
ESPN Golf Schools, which were launched in 2003, provide instruction for golfers of all ages and abilities at premier golf courses and facilities around the country. The programs consist of three-day resort schools and one-day touring schools for adults and juniors at more than 50 sites across the U.S.

As a result of the partnership between the USGA and ESPN Golf Schools, a discounted rate of $375 will be exclusively offered to USGA Members for an education-only version of each one-day touring school:

    * 3-Club Tour™ – Visiting more than 50 U.S. cities, this one-day program focuses on three clubs: driver, putter and wedge. ESPN brand representative Chris Berman will demonstrate how to throw each club while reeling off a list of obscenity laden tirade that would make Tommy Lasorda blush.

    * The Power Tour® – A one-day program that aims to help students hit the golf ball farther by applying the key elements of fitness and flexibility. Executive Director David Fay will explain how distance advances only come through better conditioning, not thanks to technology in any way, shape or form.

    * Beginners Tour® – A one-day introduction to the game of golf that provides basic instruction for novices, including grip, posture, scoring, golf etiquette and other fundamentals. Included will be a clinic by ESPN technical staff on how to bring a beginner's feel to Open Championship coverage by cutting away at the key moment to show a clip package on Jean van de Velde that had already been played to death.

Okay, I fleshed the curriculum out just a bit.
"We’re very excited to announce this new benefit to USGA Members," said Fiona Dolan, director of the USGA Members Program. "Many of our Members have indicated that a top priority is the desire to improve their game. We believe this partnership with ESPN Golf Schools will give our Members better access to useful instructional tools such as swing assessment and Rules and etiquette education."
Reasons like that this make me so happy I'm not a member!