"It’s time to bury the FedEx Cup."

The FedEx Cup reviews aren't getting any kinder. In fact, Brad Klein of Golfweek becomes the first to use the "failure" word and says it's time to end it.

There was always something false and manufactured about the FedEx Cup playoffs. The PGA Tour tried to ram them down the throat of the American public and to use the golf media as their mouthpiece in the process. But when it comes to consumer markets and audiences, folks can pretty much figure out for themselves what’s worthwhile and what’s not.
In a transparent effort to brew up relevance as if it were a cup of coffee, the PGA Tour has gerrymandered events and tried to hoodwink the public and the players themselves. It’s not working. It’s time to bury the FedEx Cup.

Jason Sobel of ESPN.com notes the dilemma facing the commissioner (outside of the massive loss of face that he's going to be coping with).

The easy answer is to steal a page from the LPGA's season-ending ADT Championship, in which eight players reach the final round, all slates are wiped clean, then they compete for 18 holes with the low score taking home the grand prize. Based on most PGA Tour players' comments, however -- there's been grousing for a month about the first 37 weeks on the schedule becoming irrelevant this time of year -- that's the exact opposite of what they'd like to see happen.
Which really sums up the problem for the PGA Tour. The players want a four-week coronation of the season points list, apparently oblivious to just how boring such an event would be to the fan trying to stay awake on television.

But I say humor them. Revert to last year's no-volatility points, create a wild and wacky Tour Championship format and many of your biggest problems are solved.