Vijay Supports Vijay's Decision Not To Comment On FedEx Cup Victory**

His hastily arranged teleconference is a total bore to read (what else would you expect), but Vijay Singh did take a second to halt his monotone accented answers to fire a shot at his old pal and fellow Annika Sorrenstam admirer, AP reporter Doug Ferguson.

You know, there's one thing I want to say to the press. I'm sure all of you guys are listening. It was a very unfair comment that Doug Ferguson put on the USA Today that I more or less did not speak to the media. I had not wrapped it up. When I left the golf course on Sunday, Jimmy Furyk was in the lead, and if he had won, it was wide open. There's no way to celebrate something that I have not won, so I think that was a very unfair comment that USA put out there, and I think that was very unfair to even do that.
On that note, I'd just like to say to whoever is listening, Doug if he's there, this is the second time you've created this, and that's not right.
Unfortunately NBC didn't see it that way, nor did the rest of the press. Gary Van Sickle in Sports Illustrated this week notes that Vijay did talk when essentially cornered:
You can only imagine Singh's reaction to this historic feat. Really. You can only imagine. Because in FedEx Cup Defining Moment Number 1, Singh declined to be interviewed about his then-still-probable title. A Tour media official and a determined international wire-service writer chased him down later in the locker room, where Singh obliged with a few comments that included criticism of Bellerive's greens but nothing about his likely FedEx Cup windfall.

Out of respect for his fellow competitors, of course. He's so considerate.