"To be more precise, the selection of one Peter Uihlein over someone called Dan Woltman has many close observers reaching for their anti-cynicism pills."

I've received a few more emails from folks I'd call USGA fans who are stunned by the recent Walker Cup selection process. You may remember Sean Martin wrote about Dan Woltman last week and now John Huggan has touched on the selection process in previewing the matches.

Going into last week's US Amateur, Woltman was apparently seen as a "lock" for one of the two Walker Cup spots still available; Uihlein, whose father, Wally, is the high heid-yin at Titleist, was not.

Yet the well-connected Uihlein, who made it to the last-16 of the US Amateur after a summer of relatively few highlights, will be at Merion and Woltman, following a string of distinguished performances that included the winning of the prestigious North-East Amateur and a last-16 spot in the national championship, will not.

"At the end of the day, the Walker Cup is a team competition," commented Steve Smyers, head of the USGA's international team selection committee. "And that was a very important component, to be able to stand on the tee with your partner and have a great deal of respect, both personally and for the game. That weighed heavily in the selection process."

Draw your own conclusions, but it sounds like young Woltman has upset at least one blue-blooded blazer – complete with Roman numeral – somewhere along the way. And, it must also be pointed out, 18 of next weekend's matches will be singles, so compatibility with a "partner" is unlikely to be decisive.