"It was a significant win because it was significant to Woods."

Regardless of how you feel about the strength/size of field, the course, the time of year or Tiger himself, Doug Ferguson's review of Woods's win sums up why this is a little different. He's stating the obvious, but sometimes the obvious gets lost in the obsession over numbers and personalities.

Woods could win his first tournament of 2012 in Abu Dhabi, and skeptics won’t think it matters until he wins on the PGA Tour (Europe has more top players, though the depth is lacking). He could win at Pebble Beach, and some will say the only measure is the majors.

Here’s how to gauge Sunday: It was a significant win because it was significant to Woods.

He said in August that his left leg feels as strong as it has in years, and that much should be believed. “If the man is healthy, that’s paramount,” Johnson said.

Woods said he has been working hard on his new swing over the last three months, and that much was evident based on the quality of shots he hit at the Australian Open, at the Presidents Cup and at the Chevron World Challenge.

What he needs is confidence, and making two key putts with a tournament on the line is only going to help.

Even Pond Scrummers Huggan and Elling are impressed with the win.

Elling: Wise man, the King. To me, the most important part of the week came in the final 15 minutes, when Woods knew he was down by a shot with two holes to play, and delivered three tactically correct full swings and two clutch birdie putts when he needed them. The rest of the day was full of ups and downs, left and rights, but at the end, it was vintage fare. Long time coming, and it has to do wonders for his state of mind.

Huggan: Is there anyone out there who doesn't want Woods to get back to something like his old form? I know I do. I want to see him taking on another generation of guys he hasn't already speared through the heart multiple times. If that comes to pass, 2012 is going to be a fascinating year of golf at the highest level.