Shock: 21 Of Top 40 Executive Golf Salaries Based In Ponte Vedra

Alan Pittman's annual Golf Digest look at executive salaries in golf really is a thing to behold. Those 21 PGA Tour execs account for a staggering $19,727,308 in pay, and that's not including the $1.3 million from three World Golf Foundation incomes.

Still, say all you want for the PGA Tour bloat, here are the real standouts in Pittman's summary of mostly 2009 tax returns:

- The World Golf Foundation's most recent viewable tax return is from 2008. George Bush was still in office. What's the hold-up?

- Jim Awtrey, former PGA of America CEO since 2005, still raking in over $300k in 2009!

- Henry Hughes, over $600K in 2009 to run a golf tournament? Granted, it's The Players and better than one of the majors, but still...

-Brand Lady Bivens raked in $881,174 while careening the LPGA into the side of a mountain.

- Bill Calfee at $653,641 edged out Michael Sim for money title on the 2009 Nationwide Tour.

- Stephen Hamblin, AJGA Executive Director
came up just short of the USGA's Mike Davis in 2009. $371,174 to run a junior golf tour. But at least he edged the USGA's Human Resources Director by $7K a year. What a country!