Not All Bad News For Tiger: He Got Rachel's Money Back!

At least that's what TMZ is claiming in an item about Rachel Uchitel and Gloria Allred possibly heading toward a malpractice showdown over Uchitel's purported repayment of most of her $10 million settlement violated when the alleged mistress blabbed on a reality show.

We're told Rachel felt strongly she had not violated the agreement, but Gloria allegedly convinced her she would lose if push came to shove, so Gloria struck a deal with Lavely -- that Rachel would return the lion's share of the settlement money.

But our sources say ... what has Rachel fuming is that Gloria allegedly made a deal with Jay Lavely -- that Gloria would still get all of her attorney's fees. Rachel believes Gloria sold her out ... allegedly making a deal with Tiger's lawyer to strong-arm Rachel into giving the money back and in return Gloria would get her fee -- a fee Gloria would not have received if Rachel went to arbitration and lost.

We're told Rachel went along with the deal, but as time went on she felt she had gotten screwed, and then hired a malpractice lawyer who has made a demand on Gloria to either pay Rachel what she gave back or get sued.

The financial news is less pretty from Jeff Lichtenstein, as Tweeted by Geoff Russell.

It seems the Palm Beach area real estate world is abuzz over Tiger's estate costs and Lichtenstein has determined (conservatively), annual payments and upkeep of his Jupiter mansion at $5.4 million and a staggering $451,666 a month.

I estimate Tiger’s home to cost nearly $451,000 a month or $5,419,000 per year if he didn’t have a mortgage and was earning 3% on $54.5 Million.  However, in reality his costs are much greater in the short term because of his 5 year mortgage. Other big expenses are real estate taxes, annual money that must be set aside for repair and improvements and the expensive general upkeep of the golf course. These are of course rough estimates and not 100% accurate.

Lichentenstein also explains the difficulty Tiger will have in selling the estate if he so chose due to the choice of architecture and scale of the property.