Green Golf Carts Are Here, Sort Of

David Elbert pens a story on PowerFilm Inc. partnering with E-Z-GO in solar golf cart roof panels that they claim are easy to install, of "military grade" and charge cart batteries by as much as 20%. Cost of the panels isn't mentioned.

“The solar panel creates, on average, enough electricity per year to offset nearly 175 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions,” it said.

“E-Z-GO’s partnership with PowerFilm aligns with our commitment to environmental excellence,” said E-Z-GO President Kevin Holleran in the announcement.

PowerFilm President Tim Neugent said the Ames company has been working with E-Z-GO for more than two years.

The product rollout is consistent with PowerFilm’s efforts in recent years to promote use of its flexible solar cells to the building industry for rooftop installations.

The company has also worked with the military to develop solar panels that can be used on tents and other installations to promote remote power for computers and other devices used in desert situations.