“The key for us is plurality."

Jason Sobel explains that only Steve Stricker is paid to wear FootJoy clothing, while the rest of the players in it just don the stuff out of their love for free performance fabrics. Thanks to reader Lloyd...

“The key for us is plurality,” FootJoy president Jim Connor said. “It’s to have a balance throughout our Tour roster. From the first-class group in the top-20, the business class group from 30-50, then the coach group, which is all the way up to 125 and non-exempt. We’re always looking to make sure we’re balanced and have representation in all of those groups. We’re never looking for one or two players to drive our business. To us, that’s a risky strategy and it’s not effective.”

I don't mean to be picky, but technically, the top 20 aren't flying first class these days. More like NetJets. But other than that, it was a fantastic metaphor!