First Thing Rory Can Buy With His Nike Money: The Ryder Cup Crown Vic

In an Onionesque tale of bureaucracy, Marie Wilson says the village of Lombard wants to sell the 2005 Vic that got Rory McIlroy to Medinah on time, but first they have to get to the bottom of a scandal! 

This scary notion that Deputy Chief Pat Rollins drives the car to and from home in case he's called to a crime scene during his off-duty hours. Perish the thought!

Trustees continued discussions Thursday night, but did not come to a conclusion on whether Rollins should be allowed to drive his squad car back and forth between his home about 10 miles from the limits of the village. Village Manager David Hulseberg said the car used to transport McIlroy cannot be sold until trustees address those concerns and authorize the purchase of a replacement vehicle.