PGA Prez: Maybe We Should Consider Bifurcation

Rex Hoggard, talking to PGA of America president Ted Bishop about Tim Finchem's bifurcation comments regarding the golf ball on Wednesday at Torrey Pines.

“(Finchem’s comments) are pretty interesting and powerful words from somebody of his stature,” Bishop said.

“Maybe we are at a point where we need to consider what impact bifurcation would have and if that's an answer or a potential answer to this situation, so that we can avoid some sticky issues like we are currently involved in with banning a long putter and anchoring or even some of the issues that possibly come up in the future.”

I spoke to Bishop for my bifurcation story in Golf World and at the time he was a bit more on the fence.

Finchem and Bishop are on a "state of the game" panel Friday at the PGA Show.