Flash: Athletes Who Don't Eat For 20 Hours Might Feel Horrible!

Karen Crouse tells us far more than we'll ever want to know about Disney winner Charlie Beljan and his "panic attacks" (he's taken a meeting in Hollywood!).

After reading the story, I'll be putting "panic attack" in quotes when it relates to Beljan from now on since the fine print reveals this attack, for which some producer thinks is film-worthy, came when Beljan had not eaten for 20 hours. 20!

Because foraging for food can be exhausting when one’s tastes are so narrow, Beljan sometimes would not bother eating. He skipped meals and never packed food in his bag during rounds. The day of his panic attack on the golf course, he had not had a meal in nearly 20 hours. He has vowed to rectify this behavior by carrying bananas and peanut butter sandwiches this season.

And there was this about supposed panic attack sufferer Bubba Watson...

On Wednesday, Watson, the reigning Masters champion who is also in this week’s 30-man field, said he had gone to the hospital three times with panic attacks, mostly recently two years ago.

And later on Wednesday, Bubba told Golf Magazine's Cameron Morfit that his panic attacks were, in fact, caused by the same problem that plagued public golfers tracked down by the New York Times last fall in their page A1 quest to expose the widespread problem of panic attacks in golf: acid reflux.

GM: Were you stressed out at the time?

BW: What we found out now is acid reflux, which is the same nerve endings as your heart—I was eating really, really bad, really unhealthy.