Long Day Sunday: “Eighteen feels like 27."

A lot of you won't shed a tear what with all the shuttles they'll have, but I feel for the caddies having to go 36 at hilly Kapalua Sunday after another rainout.

Alex Miceli talks to some of them about what figures to be their longest day of the year.

“Eighteen feels like 27,” veteran caddie Jimmy Johnson said of going 36 holes Sunday. “There might be some guys that can’t make it, including myself. It’s an unknown territory.”

Johnson would rather go 27 holes Sunday and Monday, but White said it was not a consideration to go 27-27, because they would not want to stop play Sunday if the weather cooperates.

Johnson had a different view when asked if 27 holes a day was better for the caddies.

“Yes, for the caddies, but I don’t think they run the Tour for the caddies.”