Finchem Loves Rory's Image And Juxtaposition Capabilities

Bernie McGuire quotes Commissioner Crawley at length talking about Rory McIlroy and you can just see the dollar signs in his eyes as the PGA Tour's big bonus giver speaks.

Because after all, he and his VP's need cash to pay the rules staff.

"Last year, the PGA Tour had an incredibly strong year," said Finchem. "It was as if everything just came together and the fact that Rory advanced a couple of levels in his career and continued demonstrating he's got the capability to this juxtaposition that he can mix it with the better players like Tiger was the key factor in helping the PGA Tour have the great season we had.When a guy takes on the mantle, or identity level, Rory's taken on, it has a ripple effect heading into the future."

Forgive me, but I think that's a fancy way of saying: he's now a legitimate world No. 1 and we are going milk him for every penny we can.

"As an individual, Rory stirs the imagination of people and the amazing thing is that he's like Tiger in a sense in that we saw in the [FedEx Cup] Play-offs, he clearly did not play well as he had on the Saturday, but he can absorb a bad round and bounce back and win. Not many players can do that.

Uh, pssst...Lord Tim, Rory didn't win the FedExCup. He should have but well, you reset the points twice on him!

"From an image standpoint, I like the way Rory handles himself off the golf course," said Finchem. "I notice also when he is asked questions by the media that he is clearly focused on who's listening.

I'm going to give Tim the benefit there and assume he said "focused on who's talking." I hope that's what he said.

"He's complimentary; he's polite and when he speaks there is always a message in there that has real impact. He's smart. Very smart.

Rory's messaging is impactful! He activates and energizes his core audience!