Required Reading: DTF's Analysis Of PGA Tour's 2010 990

Scroll your way down to Reader DTF's analysis of the PGA Tour's Form 990 and, in light of the PGA Tour's rules staff working without a contract this week; note those bloated executive salaries.

Not many non-profits can boast an executive payroll like that!

Nine millionaires in 2010, including quite hilariously, Sid Wilson pictured here doing some of his finest work chauffering Commissioner Bonuses For Buddies around in a golf cart.

In light of the news this week that the PGA Tour rules staff is working 2013 without a contract, here's one to chew on: under the rules staffer's current pay and benefits package, it would take fifteen years of service for a PGA Tour rules official to make what a (mostly non-union) first-year PGA Tour agronomist currently rakes in.

That's not to diminish the work of the agronomists who have certainly elevated standards and provided superintendents with the support to get their job done, but the agonomists essentially report to the rules staff.

More than that, for a Commissioner obsessed with image, how can he possibly think it would look good to lavish so much pay on VP's and scrimp on the people whose decisions can make or break the integrity of the "product"?