Eger's My Shot: "Ridley isn't my biggest fan."

Now that the opening day buzz has begun to wear off--actually that started last Thursday--we can get back to the stories that matter. Like, The Masters.

There has been a lot of reaction to David Eger's October, 2013 My Shot in Golf Digest. While many have focused on the obvious tension with Masters Chairman Fred Ridley and whether that is the reason Ridley ignored the evidence when he watched the replay before Tiger signed his scorecard.

I think come Masters time we'll revisit the details, but in the mean time Eger's take on phone-in rulings should not be lost in the analysis of the Ridley saga.

 THE FIRST REAL CASE OF CALL-INS from viewers was Paul Azinger moving some loose impediments with his foot in a water hazard at Doral in 1991. You get the evidence where you can, and it doesn't matter if players who happen to be on TV are exposed to greater scrutiny than players not on TV. The bottom line is that ignoring a violation because it happened on TV would not be a level playing field.