Tweaking The WTF And PGA Tour Qualifying

Scott Michaux has been one of the most vocal critics of ending Q-School and having now seen the WTF's closed shop produce so few rookies on the PGA Tour, he offers solutions to fix the situation.

Besides noting that the huge price tag for Q-School hasn't changed despite it becoming a Tour qualifier, he laments the lost stories and most of all, the lack of reward for season long consistency on the Tour.

He goes into detail on his proposed tweaks, but here is the nutshell version:

So basically what you have here is 20 guaranteed cards going to the top full-season Tour money leaders, 25 more going to the best finishers not otherwise qualified in the Finals series and 5+ going to the old-fashioned Q-School warriors. Seems to be a fair balance that pro-rates awards based on the effort required on three different paths to the top level of golf.