Did Tiger Watch The Oscillating Ball Replay?

Robert Lusetich analyzes how, with his latest column calling Tiger "cavalier with the rules, Brandel Chamblee "has met Woods’ fire with fire, which has turned him into a sort of Skip Bayless caricature, taking cheap shots.
 None cheaper than his latest."

More interesting to me though was this at the end of the piece, where Lusetich suggests Woods' final rules rumpus of the year in Chicago never included him actually watching a replay of the ball move.

To the naked eye, it wasn’t clear Woods’ ball moved when he was trying to move that twig on the first hole at Conway Farms. In Super slow-mo HD, however, the ball is seen to move.

It’s reasonable to believe Woods thought it merely oscillated. His reaction, however, wasn’t reasonable.

According to someone who was in the scoring trailer, Woods unleashed a verbal volley of foul language at rules official Slugger White when informed he’d been assessed a two-shot penalty.

White tried to show Woods a video of the incident, but he wasn’t in the mood to watch anything.
If he had paid attention, he’d have seen White was right. But Woods refuses to be wrong sometimes, so he stormed off.

What it proves is that he can certainly be a petulant child at times.

Be careful Robert, revelations like that will get you called to testify!

At the time, Woods said: "They replayed it again and again and again. And I felt the same way."

This trial is going to be so much fun!