Video: Kuchar-Woods, Fresh Prince Handshake Digital, who went to Columbia J-School so he could be called upon when wants to post an edgy item--a.k.a. unauthorized YouTube video--gets the job of explaining Tiger and Matt Kuchar's post-birdie high-five from Day One of the Presidents Cup.

Digital also links to a former video of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So for those of you keeping track at home, that's two copyright violations in one. Even though both shows aired on the network employing Mr. Digital. You go, Ty!

Check out Mr. Digital's explanation from Kuchar on the five. The videos are included below just in case the Ponte Vedra red phone convinces Mr. Digital of the copyright sins he has committed and the videos disappear.

Oh, and add this episode to Exhibit 31B, Why the Presidents Cup Isn't The Ryder Cup And That's Just Fine: Players Having Fun.

The clip of the high-five, or whatever it's called.

The Fresh Prince contextual clip: