Video: "Sammy" The Squirrel, Tiger Buddy & New USA Mascot

Rex Hoggard with the story of Sammy, the androgenous squirrel who Davis Love rescued from death by golf cart and who, mercifully, will be handing the furry friend over to Jack Hanna at the world famous Columbus Zoo for rehab. Love had bonded with the squirrel earlier in the day.

Just not yet...

Sammy was spotted resting on Tiger Woods’ shoulder. “Lindsey (Vonn) loves him,” Love said.

Love joked that he was going to take Sammy to the Columbus Zoo and give him to Jack Hanna, but it seems U.S. captain Fred Couples wants to keep him around for a little while longer.

“Freddie (Couples) wanted me to bring him to the press center but Sammy has already gotten enough press today,” Love smiled.

AP's extensive day one notes opens with Sammy's story and ends with this quote from Captain Couples.

U.S. captain Fred Couples didn't know what to make of Sammy.

"I carry a rabbit's foot around," he said. "I don't know about a live squirrel."

There are several shots of Sammy in this gallery.

And courtesy of PGA Tour Entertainment, the telecast moment when Lindsay Vonn put Sammy on Tiger's shoulder.