USGA XC Member: "We're losing our client base"

Global Golf Posts' Len Shapiro talks to Sheila Johnson about holding a seat on the USGA Executive Committee and in particular, what the group feels is a necessary mission to grow the game.

"The USGA is shedding the skin of the way it's been operating forever," she said. "Golf is losing ground. We're losing our client base and we're looking internally to see what we need to do in terms of a governing body to fix that. We want to be all inclusive and we're developing a strategic plan on what we can do."

Thinking of golfers, potential golfers or former golfers as the "client base" suggests a certain corporatization of the USGA that probably doesn't bode well for their chances of separating the pursuit of pennies from common sense initiatives. Especially "far more media outreach" under the new Fox Sports deal is now available according to Johnson, who obviously hasn't been looking at the FSN1 ratings.

"We want to send a message that we are the new USGA and really paying attention to these issues," she said. "That's my specific job."

The client base eagerly awaits.