Flashback: Accenture Has Been Upstaged Before

Granted, Tiger Woods surrounded by the dreaded blue curtains and seat-filling PGA Tour SVP's in the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse was a monumentally larger media circus that was watched by millions around the globe, but Sunday's decision by Tim Finchem to upstage the final match to announce opposition to the anchoring ban marked the second time that Accenture has experienced avoidable diversions from their event.

And the last time that happened, the Commissioner didn't even ask them if they minded being upstaged by their former client!

Of course, Tiger's reasons back in 2010 were understandable: Accenture had terminated his contract in a high profile way. But the commissioner, who didn't see the problem with upstaing Accenture then, has no legitimate excuse for Sunday's timing other than playing a high-stakes game of poker on a sponsor's dime.