New Masters Gathering Spot: "Bubba Land"

David Westin correctly predicts that the 10th hole would be a popular gathering spot for Masters patrons this week, even dubbing it "Bubba Land."

Patrons gather at Bubba Land (click image to enlarge)I visited early Monday and folks were trying to pinpoint the exact location, posing for photos and in general, marveling at the shot. Which they should. It's still hard to fathom how anyone could hook a wedge that much.

Three-time Masters champion Nick Faldo, who no longer competes in the tournament, played a practice round Sunday with his son Matthew, and checked out the area.

“Yeah, we went down there,” said Faldo, who is the lead analyst on CBS’s golf coverage. “Matthew was down there live last year. He took me down there to the spot to see it. I didn’t realize it was that far down. On television, I thought he was coming out from 180 yards; we didn’t have a yardage.”

The video from YouTube, shot off of a television set: