Day: Let The Patrons In Just A Tad Earlier

Guy Yocom talked to players about things they'd change at the Masters and as you'd expect for the world's best run sporting event, they struggled to come up with much criticism.

However, Jason Day did make one very good suggestion to the Lords of Augusta: let the fans in earlier.

While this isn't a big deal, as he notes, on Thursday when the Palmer, Nicklaus and Player trio makes their goosebump-inducing first tee cameo, the patrons have to move quickly to get a spot.

Let the fans through the gates just a little earlier, especially the first two rounds. I've been to the course early and have seen people racing to get to their favorite spot. I've heard that on Thursday, there's barely enough time for people to get in place to see the honorary starters. They're so excited, they don't want to miss a minute of anything. It's a long day, but for those who want to get there early, why not let them in?