Faldo: Probably Has Played His Last Masters

The Augusta Chronicle's David Westin on the likelihood that we'll never see three-time winner Nick Faldo tee it up in the Masters again.

Faldo doesn’t plan to play in the next few years, and he won’t be one of those former champions who plays a “farewell” Masters in his golden years. Predictably, they shoot high scores in the first two rounds and miss the cut by a mile.

“I can’t see that,” Faldo said. “I couldn’t let myself go and shoot any number. It’s just not me. … If I keep my nose clean and keep my job at CBS, I’m quite happy to be here and doing that.

Faldo believes he could play in the Masters and still call the tournament for CBS later in the day.

“I could have, if I spoke very nicely” to Sean Mc­Manus, the chairman of CBS Sports, Faldo said.