The Shark On The Shark: "It's amazing being the living icon"

Charlie Rose asks Greg Norman if he would give up some of his money for more major wins and the Great White Shark says "not at all," then cites the outcrying of support he's had over the years over his losses has made him the businessman he is today.

There are several other questions about the empire that is Norman and a nice graphic and, well, it's a bit of an infomercial for no apparent reason other than giving him a chance to talk about his brand building genius. As always Norman is engaging, defends Tiger's soft mattress-induced back issues, and talks briefly about Tiger losing his intimidation factor.

“I think the longer the time goes by with him not doing it, the harder it's going to be,” Norman said.

Robert Lusetich noted Norman's repeat of previous comments in this account of Tiger's opening round at The Barclays which took only 11 hours to complete thanks to weather delays.