Poll: Assessing Tiger's 2013 Rules Mishaps

I've struggled with the vitriol over Tiger's BMW Championship ball move for a variety of reasons (the difficulty in first seeing it, the difference in views between the camera and Tiger's perspective, etc...). But I do understand why, once you see a sharp view of the ball moving, hear his defiance and add it to the list of 2013 rules mishaps, that fans would be bothered by the trend.

But when someone reminded me today of the Players drop he took en route to winning there, I recalled the one that really bothered me. Tiger's assertion that his 14th hole tee ball crossed the hazard and then took a sharp hook into the water never felt right even though playing partner Casey Wittenburg backed him.

The Masters drop bothers some in a similar way though I think that one was pretty easily chalked up to the moment when his ball hit the flagstick and confusion over options.

The Abu Dhabi embedded ball was also troubling for some even though playing partner Martin Kaymer thought the ball was embedded.

Anyway, you know my vote, but here is the poll.

And I ask this question to help better put last week's incident into perspective...

Which of Tiger's 2013 rules mishaps do you find most troubling?
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