Shark On America's Failure To Lead, Obama, High Taxes, Over-Regulation And The Possibility He Won't Golf Again

Having regained his color after nearly cutting off his hand in a chainsaw accident, golfer-turned-vintner-turned-Fox-Sports lead USGA analyst Greg Norman appeared on the Fox Business Network to talk about everything America is doing wrong. Including, unbeknownst to him, harboring wealthy, bombastic Australians.

The Living Brand, as he will be forever known now that he's refined the absurd self-designation in this interview ("I love being a living brand"), said he just picked up a club for the first time this week. Future Shark Shootout appearances, however, appear in doubt.

“Well we don’t know yet, we don’t know. I had my first swing in the gym the other day, not hitting a golf ball but just swinging a light weighted golf club and it definitely feels different. I mean I have to build up a lot of the muscle that was torn away here. Chainsaw does a good job, when you chainsaw a log you see all those chips come out, a little bit of flesh in there too.”

The Living Brand lamented America's current foreign policy, corporate tax rate and said the "leadership’s not too hot," explaining that the "leader of the free world should be laying out long term plans" like Greg Norman does for his family of brands when they convene for an annual shareholders shin-dig in Colorado.

Wondering about why things were so "over-regulated," The Living Brand criticized President Barack Obama's leadership on all issues but thankfully, brought the conversation back to what really matters. His ownself.

“I love being a living brand,” he said, “I love growing it, I love seeing opportunities out there and the global market place is just extraordinary right now.”

If only America weren't dragging it all down!

The Guantanamo-ready clip: