“Playoff change still leaves questions”

Beginning with...does anyone care enough at this point to get annoyed that the FedExCup has now has no equal in the lower tier of contrived competitions? Especially now that the BCS has been retired and NASCAR's desperate tweaks have failed to excite fans for their "Chase"? (But at least NASCAR fans care enough to debate their playoffs.)

Bob Harig reports on the annual PGA Tour "tweak" to the FedExCup Playoffs, which still don't want to be a playoff of the regular season's best players.

Yet the PGA Tour appears not to be satisfied, and a tweak to the points formula announced Thursday will decrease the number of points awarded at the four playoff events from 2,500 to 2,000, thus limiting slightly the amount of volatility that occurs at the four season-ending tournaments.

The winner of a regular tournament receives 500 points, with 600 going to those who capture a major, so you can see that a victory in the playoff events has far greater importance. Instead of being five times as valuable as a regular event, now it is four times greater, apparently in an attempt to make the regular season more meaningful.

Fair enough.

The problem is, you can't really have it both ways.