Tour: We Reserve The Right To Comment On Inaccurate Reports

Garry Smits called PGA Tour VP Ty Votaw for clarification of the tour's policy of not commenting on reports related to disciplinary cases and Votaw says the tour will continue the policy. But in this case the report on Dustin Johnson by was deemed inaccurate.

“We reserve the right to correct misinformation or reports that are inaccurate,” Votaw said. “That is what we did. The policy hasn’t changed.”

So say a media entity not of's stature reports a player suspension but the tour does not acknowledge the report perhaps because the entity in question is not widely seen, should we assume the report is accurate? Or say the PGA Tour does know of an inaccurate report, but simply finds the player not to their liking as an individual or as marketable?

There is also this from the Smits item regarding the PGA Tour seeing itself as different than other sports leagues:

“We differentiate because we think it’s appropriate,” Votaw said. “PHDs are about performance. Substance-abuse is about personal conduct, We think it’s appropriate to treat substance abuse in that manner.”

Where does marijuana fall in that delineation since many believe it is a performance enhancer?