Robert Allenby: "I didn't think I was going to survive this one"

Quite the unbelievable story of kidnapping, burglary and salvation by homeless Hawaiians that Robert Allenby is sharing after apparently escaping a more ominous outcome.

Steve Sands of Golf Channel had the first on-air report and you can see his reporting of it here.

Ben Everill of AAP tracked down Allenby not long after and shares the golfer's tale. Allenby had mised the Sony Open cut Friday before this incident reportedly took place.

From Everill's story:

"I was separated from my friend in the bar after we had paid the tab at 10:48pm and he went to the bathroom and next thing you know I'm being dumped in a park miles away.

"I only know this part because a homeless woman found me and told me she saw a few guys pull up and throw me out of the car. That is where I got the scrapes above my eye from the sidewalk."

Shaken and in a bad way Allenby realised he was without his phone, wallet or any cash and was starting to be harassed by other homeless people in the park.

"The homeless woman got me away from the others and then a retired military guy walking past came to my aid," he said.

"He got me into a taxi and paid for me to get to my hotel and I called police from there. I have his details and will be getting back in touch with him for sure."

Tim Rosaforte spoke to Allenby and the details he shares align with the earlier version shared by Sands. Rosaforte reports that Allenby seemed to be in "shock" but that he was still thinking of playing the upcoming Humana Challenge despite his facial injuries.

Stephanie Wei talked to Allenby's caddie Mick Middlemo, who confirms that Allenby mysterious disappeared during their visit to the Amuse Wine Bar near Ala Moana in Honolulu.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt they slipped something in his drink,” Middlemo told WUP. “None of us were really that drunk. We had a couple bottles of wine. (Allenby) didn’t remember leaving (the bar). He vaguely remembers being with these (three) people. Next thing he knew, he woke up in the park.”