Monty Has Put 4,000 Miles On His Current Rental Car

Now, we know the man loves to wash cars to relieve stress, but renting them in Newark and driving them around America? That's a new one.

Teeing off in Newport Beach's Toshiba Classic, making its fall debut today as the penultimate Champions Tour event, Colin Montgomerie took the media on hand through his interesting travel schedule this fall.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  Yeah, we had to go to Russia, yeah.  I got home from Pebble Beach, from San Francisco, which is a long flight, and then back to London.  Got home for a couple of days and then had to leave for the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan.  I opened a course there in Azerbaijan.  Then back again just in time to get back to Newark.  I hired a car in Newark for a company day for Aberdeen Asset, an outing I did at Baltusrol actually where your PGA is played next year.  Hired a car in Baltusrol and I've still got it.  I've still got my car.  I drove from Newark then down to North Carolina, played at the SAS tournament, and drove on from there to San Antonio.  Back to Houston to do some work for MD Anderson here, and then Houston across here to Newport Beach.  Then I'm going to drive from just around the corner this time, I could walk to Phoenix from here.  Then I'm going to have to unfortunately hand my car in in Phoenix after nearly 4,000 miles.

Q.  Who's paying that bill?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  Well, it's an Avis bill so it will come to me unfortunately.  And I'll hand it in in Phoenix and BA will look after me on the way home back to London.