It Wasn't Draft Kings, But We Have Our Avis Fantasy Winner!

It took a while to get your the final results from the league of 2015 PGA Tour Fantasy, and while this four week run was no FanDuel/DraftKings in terms of unadulterated corruption now apparent to the entire world, we were able to produce a winner!

Now, that doesn't mean the PGA Tour world of fantasy golf is working to perfect, but again, at least the thing relentless billed on ads is not saddled by insider trading.

Congratulations to BWL 02 (Ben Latimer) who wins two free rental days from Avis and a new Great Big Bertha from Callaway (left-handed for Ben). And 2nd place goes to Double Eagle Dobiash (Jonathan Dobiash), who wins an Odyssey putter and a free rental day from Avis.
Nicely done chaps.

Now, in light of the corruption scandal that is breaking and the PGA Tour's attempts to embrance fantasy--a new league is promised starting next week--I'm curious what you all think?

My take on the Avis Fantasy League: nice concept, nice software but just too hard to follow your players because of the reliance on ShotLink data instead of their tournament finishes. Thoughts?