Video: Matty Takes A Challenge, Pays Homage To Blair O'Neal

While the Bryan Brothers returned to their minimalist roots, Matty continues his move to big studio-driven, special-effect-laden pieces pandering to the kids.

That's right, as he moves toward his twelfth birthday, the older, wiser and shrewder filmmaker is evident in the latest from Matty (18 undapar). Gone are the short attention span trick shots and in are the longer pieces allowing his voice to breathe and the audience to consider the ramifications of...a plugged lie.

Also in with Matty and his technical team: sound effects and embedded images, this time including his inspiration, Blair O'Neal, home of the "sexiest shots in golf." 

Matty's also taking fan challenges to inspire his work, proving he hasn't yet lost touch with his Gen Z roots. The critics will fawn!

Here goes: