"Five charts that prove PGA Tour players are driving it into the stratosphere in 2015"

As the sun sets on Peter Dawson's R&A tenure lowlighted by changing the Old Course (just so he wouldn't have to push his organization toward a messy marriage with the equally money-hoarding obsessed USGA against a ball manufacturer), we must remember that Mr. Dawson has told us things have hit a "plateau" on the distance front.

However, with the end to the PGA Tour season upon us, Joel Beall has already started crunching some numbers and you will be shocked--shocked!--to learn that there are more players than ever averaging over 300 yards, more greens hit in regulation than ever, and more par-5s rendered meaningless.

But, whereas these rockets used to be a feat that garnered "Can you believe that?!?!" elbows to your friends, they've now become routine. If anything, it's eyebrow-raising when someone doesn't cross the 300-yard barrier with their drive.

And just to spare you newer readers the trouble of posting: I know that the players are more athletic than ever. I know they are armed with the best-ever equipment, instruction and fitting tools in the history of the game. Which is all fine. But just remember, there are rules governing distance in place. All I'm asking is that they be shifted a bit to keep the courses we have relevant.

If the need for maintaining relevance and reasonable-amount-of-acreage part still perplexes you, that part I can't help you with.