Okay It's Not Draft Kings But It Is What It Is: PGA Tour Fantasy

The playoffs are almost over, meaning the spine-tingling playoff buzz is about to wear off. Down boys!

Those of you in the GeoffShackelford.com league have no doubt set your final week rosters for a narrowed, thicker-rough-lined East Lake.

Congrats to winner Nilesh (Nile82), who was our BMW week winner over an employee of our sponsor Avis, so enjoy that free rent Nilesh for some fine ShotLink handicapping. And those of us who have played all three weeks are in contention for the big two day rental, Great Big Bertha and for second place in our four-week playoff run, Odyssey putter.

A reminder on how it works: join the GeoffShackelford.com league or be in the league already. Be eligible for a weekly prize for most points (1-day rental from Avis).

Most points from the overall wins an Avis two-day rental certificate and the new Great Big Bertha from Callaway, while second place wins an Odyssey putter. 

Remember, the game is ShotLink-based and designed to emphasize every shot counting. You draft four players and two alternates each week. Simple as that, though if you want to dig in on stats and do some extra homework, you can.

Good luck in the final week fantasy leaguers!