And Then Henrik Said To Jordan: "Dumber than 18 at Chambers Bay as a par 4?"

It's not often the PGA Tour's finest are faced with a setup they deem to be excessive, but that's what happened at soggy and dreary East Lake Saturday.

Rex Hoggard at recounts the conversation and criticism from leaders Jordan Spieth and Henrik Stenson of the 535-yard 5th hole.

“I was talking to Henrik [Stenson] walking to the sixth tee," said Spieth who leads Stenson by one through 54 holes. "I said, ‘That was not the right setup and that was a very dumb hole today.’”

“He goes, ‘Dumber than 18 at Chambers Bay as a par 4?’ And I said, ‘Yes. I believe so.’ I mean there was no chance.”