Robert Allenby Perseveres! “If I hadn’t come here, I’d have been running away."

There are real heroes in life who persevere through disease, discrimination, pain, misery, poverty and things outside of their control.

And then there is Robert Allenby!

Oh forget that he provided multiple explanations for his bloodied face and hurled multiple accusations a year ago, dragging some folks and the image of Hawaii into the mud, while still insisting to this day that he was probably drugged, the victim of a senseless crime targeting world famous pro golfers.

But this Rosa Parks of the PGA Tour has found the will to return to Honolulu, kicking off what will be his final year on the PGA Tour barring a big reversal of form.

Dave Shedloski at on Allenby's comments to the media, where the Australian golfer risked straining his rotator cuff to pat himself on the back for his moment in heroic courage.

“There’s been a lot of thoughts about it over the last year. A lot of good things, a lot negative things about this. There has been more negative than anything. That really was the whole piece to the puzzle of coming here is to dilute all the negative stuff. Hawaii is such a beautiful place. I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t going to come back here because of what happened. I enjoy being here. The weather is perfect. The golf course is always perfect. People here are always so awesome and so friendly. Sony is a great sponsor. Why not support a great tournament?

The bar for achievement has never been lower.

Just what the folks at Sony wanted to hear!

“Last year was last year. The whole thing about coming here is putting last year behind me. It’s about coming here and hopefully playing well. And if I don’t play well I think I still achieve a lot by coming here.”