An Opening? Competition Can Only Hope Jordan Spieth Will Be Injesting Copious Amounts Of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Finally, a crack. A chink in the armor? A glimmer of hope? Maybe an opening!

As Jordan Spieth signs a Lebron-like deal to endorse Coca-Cola (Darren Rovell reports), his competitors can only dream of the World No. 1 ingests unhealthy amounts of the performance de-hancing soda following his rounds.

The only bad news?

Spieth says he's already been drinking the stuff for years. And Doug Ferguson Tweeted that a can of the beverage was sitting on the interview table Sunday at Kapalua.

Joell Beall reminds us that this isn't the only famous golfer Coca-Cola has aligned with.

The brand is no stranger to golf. Bobby Jones starred in an advertising campaign for Coca-Cola in 1947, and serves as the presenting sponsor of the Tour Championship.

According to Coca-Cola's web page, "Spieth, who enjoys cracking open an ice-cold Coca-Cola after a long, hot day of practicing in Texas, says some of his favorite Coca-Cola memories are still being made."

They also posted this video-- a 5 on Awkward Scale, with a 10 being "kidnapped by El Chapo"--where Spieth discusses his love of post-golf Coca-Cola drinking in Texas (take that, Dr. Pepper!).

The clip: