Nine Days Of Christmas: State Apparel Fairway Pants

I know what you're not thinking, last Christmas he said the ABC Pant is the greatest thing ever created. And now? I still think they are in spite of the steep price. Pure comfort, brilliance and ingenuity.

But durability for golf?

That's where the ABC Pant may be imperfect. Not that I've found Lululemon's pants to fall apart, but I do wonder if they can handle the rigors of repeated use for a golfer.

It's that concern about durability that has warmed me to the merits of State Apparel's Fairway Pant as the better golf option. The combination of design cleverness, Made-in-California values and an overall stronger fabric makes them an ideal gift to yourself or a golfer.

When I first tried them on, State's heavier and tougher fabric seemed too weighty compared to the Lululemon's. But after trying them out on a course and twice at the range, I realize the toughness stitched into the slacks makes them a better long-term investment for golfers, especially younger players who are more active.

Initially the black, almost-velvet black lining of the pockets and cuffs struck me as an odd design touch. But remembering how quickly pockets turned dirty and frayed, the design touch adds a whiff of brilliance that makes you feel good putting on the slacks for golf.

You can read the State Apparel story here and here for the explanation about one last pre-shot wiping option. The $135 Fairway pant in white is found on their pants page.

Even better, as a courtesy, State Apparel is offering site readers a 30% discount using the code: HOLIDAYGOLF