European Tour Chief Already Feels He Runs Golf's Global Tour

I can't read the vibe between Commissioner Moonbeam and Chief Executive Elton, but my sense is that Tim Finchem and Keith Pelley haven't got much in common other than a thirst (or incentive) to grow playing opportunities for their bloated tours.

When it comes to the talk of a world tour, Pelley got out in front of any talk post-Doral about the PGA Tour expanding its footprint. Granted, it's all talk, but as Ewan Murray reported in The Guardian,

“Based on the fact you already have tours fully operational, I don’t think it is as simple as saying just: ‘Let’s all come together and it will be commercially viable.’ You have to look at it from every member’s perspective, that being the top-ranked player to the 200th. If there was a significant benefit to our members, it is something we would look at but it is not something we have explored to this point.”

He added: “I believe we are already a global tour, with the diversity, the number of countries, where our members play. For us, we are in the process of making our tour a viable alternative to the tour in the United States. To do that, we will have to be aggressive.

“I think the PGA Tour have a very well-run, sophisticated business. I think they have done a terrific job. My focus is not on necessarily what transpires in the US but how we can provide significant playing benefits and opportunities, increased prize purses, for our members. Doing such and increasing the golf experience for our members is critical as we try to have our players play more on our tour.”