NCAA's: Will Texas Be Down To Four For The Final Match?

I'm not sure the NCAA's men's team final could have been better scripted: the season's top team taking on the hosts who will attract a nice-sized crowd.

Oregon vs. Texas
at Eugene Country Club got even more intriguing when Texas' top player, Beau Hossler, apparently injured himself down the stretch of his match and now appears uncertain for the final match. A replacement cannot be substituted.

Ryan Herrington documents the final holes and the various images of Hossler struggling to swing, only to get up and down by putting out of a bunker to edge USC's Andrew Levitt.

Nick Menta has Hossler's post round tweet suggesting he will be fine, though Hossler was incredibly coy in his first interview with John Cook, and not much more forthright in a later interview with Steve Burkowski:

He maintained he was fine after the round to writers:

Q. Bo, I know you just sat down, but how is the shoulder?

What did you find out from the medical staff? And have you ever experienced pain like that before on a golf course?

BEAU HOSSLER: No, I haven't. And I wish I had some info for you, but I just don't. Obviously I was under some pain, but I mean, I'm going to be fine.

The matches start at 2:10 pm PT, with Golf Channel starting covreage at 3 pm ET: