Vijay's Attorney: Finchem "Stormed out of the deposition, and refused to return."

Pete Madden continues with his latest wonderfuul installment in Vijay Singh v. PGA Tour and it's just not getting any less ugly!

The key issue: the tour's claim of WADA changing its stance on deer antler spray, and Vijay's contention that it was a lie. The issue came up in a deposition, Madden writes.

That accusation may not have sat well with the Commissioner.

"As a mirror into his mentality, Commissioner Finchem under oath in discovery in this litigation was asked to explain his multiple, false and misleading public statements about the Singh matter," Ginsberg wrote. "Remarkably, Commissioner Finchem refused to respond to the questioning about whether WADA ever changed the list or why he told the world that WADA had changed the list, and, instead, stormed out of the deposition, and refused to return."

He had network opt-out and WGC-to-Mexico meetings to get to!