The Battle Is On: Tour Officially Leaving Trump Doral For The City They Haven't Been To Since Players Were Robbed At Dinner

President Trump's first day in office just got one more item added to his list of things to abolish!

It's called, the PGA Tour's 501c3 tax status!

I can't fathom how the PGA Tour would chose today, the Wednesday of The Memorial, as the day to dump news they are leaving Trump Doral for a yet-unnamed course in Mexico City. That's the city they haven't been to since..oh that's right, Senior Tour players were robbed having dinner!

Even more audacious, Commissioner Tim Finchem is holding a press conference at Muirfield Village at 3 pm ET.

Take that, Jack, you Trump supporter!

There have been so many signs that the Commissioner has exceeded his sell-by date, but I can't fathom a better example than not having found a solution to this matter. How about eating the sponsorship of the Doral WGC stop for a year to avoid a showdown with Donald Trump? It would also have meant avoiding a showdown on the eve of a Memorial with its best field in years, and on the day the greatest golfer ever, Jack Nicklaus, is honoring his pal Johnny Miller. The entire fiasco seems downright rude and short-sighted on an unfathomable level even for the Napoleonic Commish.  

Barry Jackson and David J. Neal of the Miami Herald report that the tour informed officials Tuesday night and cited the sponsorship issue, which was their way out of a long term deal to play at Trump Doral.

Buchholz said the PGA informed him Tuesday night that it decided to leave South Florida because it couldn’t find a title sponsor to replace Cadillac.

“I believe they are sincere when they said they didn't want to leave an event with a 54 year history,” Buchholz said. “They've got an obligation to their board and they couldn't find a sponsor so they had to move. They don't have a choice. The PGA Tour didn't have a choice, If you don't have a sponsor what can you do?”

A choice?

Pick up the big tab for a year to avoid upstaging the Memorial, to avoid a spat with a presidential nominee, to stay in Miami a year and to not set up a dangerous relationship with a man who might be the next President of the United States!