Rory May Go Without An Equipment Deal For A While

With the luxury of multiple endorsement deals, Rory McIlroy is going the route many have thought a few other players with the means should go with their sticks: deal-free and play what you want.

Speaking before the Barclays, Joel Beall reports on a putter switch from Nike already, with the rest to be sorted out in time after Nike decided to end its clubmaking business.

"No reason to start changing just because I can. I'm comfortable with everything," McIlroy said. "I've got them to save me three years' worth of golf balls, so at least I've got a golf ball that I like and that I know that I can play well with.

"I'm not going to commit to anything. I wouldn't be surprised to see me not go with a manufacturer for a year or two, just sort of play with what I want to play, play with what I'm comfortable with, and go from there."

Jim McCabe reports that McIlroy was happy for the success of the Olympics and to have been proven "somewhat wrong."