Phil: Team USA Already Knows Who Is Going And Who Is Playing Which Ryder Cup Matches

Apparently there won't be much suspense in Monday's 11 am ET Ryder Cup announcement of Team USA's three picks, except, perhaps who is the odd-man out for two weeks.

Rex Hoggard reports for on Phil Mickelson revealing plans already made by the Team USA captain and vice captains, with Tiger driving the boat on much of the planning that already has everything mapped out.

“We know who is going to be playing with who, when they’re going to be playing, what matches,” Mickelson said.

And crucial to that game plan, apparently, is assistant captain Tiger Woods.

“I am so happy to see how well he has thought this through,” Mickelson said of Woods. “I can’t believe our conversations just this week, how detailed he is and the pairings, the possibilities, the players. Not just what matches they’re going to play, but where on the list. He has got us really a good, solid game plan that is easy to buy into and get behind. I’m very impressed.”

Well, well, aren't these Task Forcers busy little beavers!