1400 Courses Have Closed In Florida Since 2000?

Thanks reader L for this Martin Comas story in the Orlando Sentinel pondering another proposed golf course closure in Florida.

I was taken aback by the story claiming that 1400 courses have closed in Florida since 2000. That sounds awfully high?

Anyhow, this quote from Chad Barton of The Golf Group who operated the course, offered this grim assessment of the game. Grim, of course, because he's contracted a strong case of millennialitis.

“Golf courses are just very expensive to maintain and operate,” said Barton, pointing out that Twin Rivers isn’t profitable. “And let’s face it, millennials are just not playing golf. … The only other option is to shut it down and develop the whole thing. But we’d rather not do that. We’re trying to work with the city to explore a solution that makes the deal attractive for the majority of residents.”